My Anger Management Programme

Andrew Stewart
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My Anger Management Programme
14th December 2017 
My Anger Management Programme
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My Anger Management Programme. angryeyes

My Anger Management Programme

Often, it's those nearest and dearest to us - family, friends and colleagues - who trigger our anger, yet who don't seem to acknowledge their role in our situation, making us feel even more isolated.

We feel overwhelmed and become pessimistic about ever bringing our anger under control. If you're having challenges with anger, you are not alone - anger and its devastating consequences are now recognised as a major factor in damaged relationships.

My five-stage Programme is structured in a result-focused format , which also acknowledges your own unique history and personal experiences.
The Programme is tailored to be presented and accommodated in a minimum of five sessions. Of course the ability and inclination of each individual client to absorb and process each stage in the Programme varies..

Each individual session costs 50.

Moving through five stages, the programme leads from the personal causes and triggers of your anger, through skills and strategies to reduce and control your anger, and finally to relapse prevention.
At the same time new options are explored to develop your potential and improve your quality of life now - so that you can begin taking control of your life once again.

Your interest in my Anger Management Programme is a very important first step.
To take action now will be one of your most important steps ever.

Phone me on 0141 334 1980 for a brief chat, or to book your first session. Alternatively, just e-mail me by clicking bottom left.

You can pay by Credit/Debit Card , cash , or cheque at the end of each session, or pay in advance securely by using the PayPal "Buy Now" Button below with your Credit or Debit Card. (You don't need a PayPal account).


For Employer, E.A.P, .and Corporate client costs, please go to Anger in the Workplace page.
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