My Anger Management NOW!  SKYPE Course

Andrew Stewart
Anger Management - Glasgow

My Anger Management NOW!  SKYPE Course
15th December 2018 
My Anger Management NOW! SKYPE Course
Anger in the Workplace
Anger Leading to Domestic Abuse
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My Anger Management NOW!  SKYPE Course. angryeyes

My Anger Management NOW! ***** SKYPE / ZOOM Course

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ANGER MANAGEMENT-GLASGOW is of course based in Glasgow, Scotland, in Glasgow's city centre in fact.
Handy for those live in and near Glasgow. But not always convenient.

And it's been even more challenging for those further afield in Scotland, or abroad (and that includes Ireland, Wales and England!) to take advantage of this unique, structured, anger management course.

However, participation through SKYPE or ZOOM online means that the one- to- one coaching format of the Course, together with the accompanying dedicated, individual, work sheets, is now not only possible for everyone, but the ideal way to connect with and benefit from the program.

Now you can select the dates and times most convenient to YOU in the place of your choosing - whether at home or workplace - providing ultimate privacy and comfort.

Of course, as always, I suggest you get in touch with me by e-mail - ( just click on left ) - or phone ( 0141 334 1980 )
before deciding that my Anger Management Course is the right choice for you.

Cost of the SKYPE Course is identical to our in-house Course (50 per session) and can be paid in advance securely by using the PayPal "Pay Now" Button below with your Credit or Debit Card. (You don't need a PayPal account).