More about my Anger Management Course

Andrew Stewart
Anger Management - Glasgow

More about my Anger Management Course
24th June 2019 
More about my Anger Management Course
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More about my Anger Management Course. angryeyes

More about my Anger Management Course

OK! You’re feeling REALLY upset – annoyed - frustrated – ANGRY!
Lets face it – you’ve lost your temper – and not for the first time.

My course, in a one-to-one coaching format, is based on the program created by two of the most eminent International Practitioners in Anger Management and Professors in Clinical Psychology, Kassinove and Tafrate.

I’m mentioning this because the Course doesn’t follow any of the usual paths to anger management which involve variations of counting to ten, or redirected willpower.
No, my programme is tailored, right from the start, to YOUR individual situation, YOUR relationships, YOUR experiences, and YOUR challenges.

We start by acknowledging the difference between thoughts – up here – and feelings – down here.
Give me a break – to really illustrate feelings, which are often quite difficult to communicate, - we are going to use some perhaps unusual concepts. (Don’t Google Grey’s Anatomy for confirmation)
Here we go!
If, and when, we FEEL upset, annoyed, frustrated or ANGRY, that feeling is always justified.
The FEELING is an early warning that something out there isn’t O.K.
It’s how we PROCESS – communicate – the feeling that’s the challenge …………and I don’t need to underline to you that losing our temper NEVER makes things O.K., neither for us – or for anyone else.