Anger in the Workplace

Andrew Stewart
Anger Management - Glasgow

Anger in the Workplace
24th June 2019 
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Anger in the Workplace
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Anger in the Workplace

Anger in the workplace, whether on the shopfloor or in the boardroom, can have a disastrous effect on the wellbeing of staff, colleagues, and management.

My Anger Management Course is an effective means of resolving this challenging situation for both the employee and employer, E.A.P., or Corporate referrer.

Employers and referees who have retained Anger Management - Glasgow include B.B.C. Scotland, John Lewis Partnership, Sistema Scotland, HM Revenue & Customs, Honeywell, Roger Bullivant, West Dunbartonshire Council, Glasgow Metropolitan College, City of Glasgow College, SAMH Workstep, British Polythene Industries PLC, Family Law Association Scotland, Scottish Prison Services, and East Ayrshire Council.

The five session course, which is structured on a one-to-one coaching format, can be tailored to suit the times and availbility that are most convenient to both employee and management; however it is recommended that no more than two sessions are processed in any one day attendance.

Each session, including programme materials, progress reports, and final review and Programme Completion Certificate,
costs 60,
and sessions are invoiced at the end of each calendar month.

Please contact me directly by phone (0141 334 1980) to discuss contract arrangements.

AngerManagement-Glasgow has Profession Liability Insurance Cover.

Mobile Phone procedure during sessions:-
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