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OUR HOME SHOULD BE WHERE WE ARE HAPPIEST and feel most content and secure.
Determining who we live with, and where we live, are often the most important life decisions we make. Creating a fulfilling life partnership and then perhaps a family are aspirations that many of us strive to attain.

HOWEVER SOMETIMES OUR EFFORTS TO ACHEIVE AND MAINTAIN THIS GOAL are undermined by deterioration of our relationship with those we care for most. Communication can fall apart, causing us to feel upset and frustrated, and increasingly lead to anger episodes which, if not resolved, can accumulate and result in losing our temper.
In the short term this can appear to produce a positive result - we win an argument, or get our own way ; that's why losing our temper can develop into a long term habit - with invariably negative consequences, both for ourselves and our relationships with partner and family.

ANGER LEADING TO DOMESTIC ABUSE, FOLLOWED BY LEGAL ACTION can lead to court appearances, and often results in the perpetrator requiring coaching in Anger Management.

My Anger Management Programme , addresses the specific challenges of my own clients here in Glasgow, many of whom are involved in court procedures.


DON'T HESITATE TO PHONE OR E-MAIL ME TO DISCUSS YOUR SITUATION so that you can decide whether my course will help you.
Each individual session costs £50.

You can pay by Credit/Debit Card , cash , or cheque at the end of each session, or in advance securely by PayPal using your Credit or Debit Card...


Mobile Phone procedure during sessions :-
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.Don't hesitate to phone me - on 0141 334 1980 - for more information.

Alternatively e-mail me by clicking above right .

AngerManagement-Glasgow has Profession Liability Insurance Cover.

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