Frequently Asked Questions

Andrew Stewart
Anger Management - Glasgow

Frequently Asked Questions
24th June 2019 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Taylor Clarke Clinic
Charing Cross
Ph: 0141 334 1980
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Frequently Asked Questions. The Door

Frequently Asked Questions

Within Taylor Clarke Partnership
4 Fitzroy Place, (on Sauchiehall Street),
G3 7RH.

Telephone: 0141 334 1980.

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What form do your sessions take?
The sessions are in a one-to-one coaching format and last 50 minutes.

How do I book an appointment?
Sessions can be booked for every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 1p.m. and 6p.m.
Just phone 0141 334 1980 for a brief chat, or simply to arrange a date and time most suitable for you.
Alternatively, don't hesitate to e-mail me (by clicking bottom left).

How much does it cost?
Private Clients: Each Anger Management Session , costs 50 per 50 minutes, payable by Credit/Debit Card , cash or cheque at the end of each session.

Employerer, E.A.P.,and Corporate Client costs?

Please refer to Anger in the Workplace page.

Or you can pay for your session securely in advance by PayPal using your Credit or Debit use PayPal, click on the " Pay Now " logo below.

(You don't need a PayPal account).


How many sesssions will I need?
Our Anger Management Programme has a structured five stage format.
To complete the Certificated Progamme requires at least five sessions.
However you decide, at the end of each session how you wish to continue.
Sessions are usually weekly, but again you decide when is most suitable for you.

Why must I switch my Mobile Phone OFF during sessions?
It's my responsibility to provide a safe, relaxed, and comfortable stress-free environment during your session.
It is your responsibility not to jeopardise the effectiveness of your session with interruptions from your Mobile Phone.

How do I get there?
The Clinic, within The Taylor Clarke Partnership, is at 4 Fitzroy Place in a terrace sitting ON SAUCHIEHALL STREET just 250 yards past Charing Cross.
We're on the left hand side going towards the Kelvingrove Art Galleries, and OPPOSITE the cream coloured ROYAL CRESCENT.
for street map:
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What if I can't keep my appointment?
As long as you give 24 hours notice, we can usually reschedule O.K.; any less, or non-appearance forfeits the full fee.